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Digital Door Locks


Res-Q Locksmiths provide the highest quality locks available on the market. Due to our advanced and updated knowledge on the latest technologies, we are able to provide efficient locksmith services in Sydney to all who want first-grade locks installed in their home or office. What sets us apart is the fact that we never resort to cheap, low-quality locks that can compromise your security. And when you have the best possible lock on the market in your possession, all you need is a qualified locksmith expert to install it.

What are digital locks

Digital lock installation will prove to be one of the most cost-effective and smartest solutions you made to make sure your house, apartment, or office enjoy the highest level of security. Lock installation can be conducted on UPVC Doors, doors made of wood, aluminium and glass, and all types of external doors.

For more information and advice on the best digital lock to meet your requirements, please feel free to call Res-Q Locksmiths. One of our locksmith experts will be more than happy to discuss your needs and provide advice on the best digital lock to install.

Why you need a digital lock

Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit Not sure if upgrading to a digital lock is such a good idea in your case? Let us convince you otherwise. Namely, both homeowners and business owners started to realize that these advanced solutions come with a multitude of benefits that cannot be so easily overlooked.

  • Security

Ever lost the keys to your home? Not only is the fact that you are locked out of your house a big issue, but also the fact that someone out there might get hold of your key! To avoid having to change the locks every time you are tired and a bit disoriented to keep track of your movements and the items you misplace, call us for our digital lock installation services. With a digital lock, you are no longer in need of a mechanical key! You will get a pin code to memorise and enter each time you want to enter your home. What is more, these often come with an alarm system so that you are informed right away in case someone tries to enter your home or office unauthorised

  • Convenience

How many times were you late for work because you misplaced the keys somewhere? Or how many times were you annoyed by the fact that you have to carry a key to your home at all times with you, even when you don’t have any more room in your purse or adequate pockets to put the keys in them. The years of frustration often lead to one decision – digital lock installation. Never worry again about getting locked out of your home or being a victim of break and entry – an advanced locking system comes with the highest level of safety and convenience!


Finest Quality Locks

Res-Q Locksmiths are a leading Sydney-based locksmith company which provides cost-effective solutions to your security systems. We specialise in installing and upgrading all types of locks, both digital and mechanical!

In order to ensure that this investment pays off in the long run, we provide all our clients with only first-grade digital locks that are currently available on the market. We collaborate with reliable manufacturers so that you get the best value for your money. There are several types of locks categorised according to the level of security – from lower priority digital locks usually utilised for internal door installations, to heavy-duty options that are commonly installed on entrances of office buildings so that expensive equipment is secured.

Quick and Efficient Installation

Res-Q Locksmiths boast a rich portfolio of satisfied clients who they helped with lock installation. Since the establishment, our goal has always been to ensure the highest level of security. We are known Sydney-wide for raising industry standards. With every new project we complete, we raise the bar just a little bit higher for our competitors to deliver the same level of excellence.

We employ only certified professionals who have the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to complete a more advanced job. Res-Q Locksmiths stay updated about the industry trends and new technological advancements that hit the market. We believe this is imperative to maintain high standards of workmanship. No matter the type of lock that needs to be installed or a locksmith issue that needs to be solved, we want to be qualified to do it the right way!

Res-Q Locksmiths are also widely praised for their punctuality and quick service. Though we are skilled to complete any project quickly, that doesn’t mean that the quality of the final result will be compromised. We value your time and don’t want you to disrupt your entire schedule because of the lock installation work that needs to be done in your home or office. What is more, we are very punctual – we always arrive at your location at an agreed-upon time, not a minute too late! Don’t worry about having to sit around waiting for a technician while your urgent obligations wait.

And once we’re finished – we’ll clean up after ourselves so that you can go back to your day the minute we walk out the door. It will be like no work was done in the first


Cost-effective Locksmith Services

Res-Q Locksmith experts provide lock installation services at a competitive price. Count on us to be honest and upfront about the pricing which is designed to meet everyone’s budget. So if there’s a project you’ve been postponing for some time now because you’re worried that you won’t be able to afford it – don’t! Call us now to discuss your needs and find a solution that will suit you in every way.

Res-Q Locksmith install and upgrade digital and mechanical locks – contact us right away to tell us what you need and we will explain in greater detail how we can help you.