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Door Repairs


Res-Q Locksmiths perform all kinds of door repairs from residential to commercial. The types of general repairs carried out are usually due to damaged doors, poorly maintained doors, doors with alignment issues, doors that have been hung incorrectly and generally defective doors. But no matter what kind of issue you’re struggling with, don’t wait for another second – call us to schedule door repair services and get back to your regular routine ASAP.

Wide Range of Door Repairs Services

Res-Q Locksmiths perform all kinds of door repairs from residential to commercial, from sliding door repair to screen door repair services. The types of general repairs carried out are usually due to damaged doors, poorly maintained doors, doors with alignment issues, doors that have been hung incorrectly and general incorrectly working doors.

Res-Q Locksmiths have more than 10 years of experience working in the industry. During that time, we had the chance to collaborate with a variety of clients from around Sydney, all who came with specific requirements and quite often with unique issues. 

We never considered any of their requests as a tough challenge, but rather an opportunity to learn something new. Today, we are equipped to provide door repair services to everyone, no matter the kind of issue they have or the type of door in questions. We have the tools and the knowledge to complete sliding door repair, screen door repair, and so much more!

Contact Res-Q Locksmith in case you require:

  • Hanging and repairing existing doors
  • Door hinge repairs
  • Sliding doors
  • Screen doors
  • Replacement of sliding door louvres

Struggling with a different kind of issue! Not a problem – contact us anyways and get in touch with one of our licensed professionals. He will be more than happy to hear about the malfunction and provide advice on the best approach to repair the door.


Sliding Door Repair

In recent years, many Australian homes and modern offices installed sliding doors, due to their practical and space-saving nature. But what happens when the door rollers are worn out and start to malfunction? Do you have to change the entire door? Not necessarily.

Res-Q Locksmith had the chance to fix a number of door rollers over the years, as they proved to be the biggest cause of sliding door malfunction. Our certified technicians can remove the side panel, dismantle the bottom of the rail, repair the slider, and replace the floor roller or wheel with a high-quality replacement part. It’s as simple as that!

Screen Door Repairs

Screen doors gained in popularity because they enable you to enjoy the view of the outside while sitting comfortably in your home, away from the heat or pesky insects. In case an issue occurs, be sure to contact Res-Q Locksmiths right away and ask for our sliding door repair services. We are more than happy to send someone over right away if it’s an emergency or agree on the date that best suits you. Our locksmiths are praised for their punctuality and swift service that results in the most optimal outcome. Don’t sit around your home waiting for a professional to arrive – we will be there on time, not a minute too late.


24-hours door repair and replacement

Over the years, we also learned that there are instances when our clients cannot wait for the technician to arrive and fix the issue with their doors. Sometimes, you and your family’s safety might be at stake and you need a functioning door right away!

For such situations, Res-Q Locksmiths decided to offer 24-hour locksmith services – so that you can always find a professional available to come to your location and repair or replace your door. No matter the time of the day, night, or year, we have an on-call certified technician that we can send your way.

We conduct both residential and commercial locksmith door repairs, so whether you worry about the safety of your home or the expensive equipment that you keep in the office, you can rest assured that we will repair or replace the malfunctioning doors and provide the level of safety that you expect and deserve.


First-grade Doors

How can we be so sure of the quality of our service? Because we have established relationships with only the most reliable and widely-popular door manufacturers. We know that their materials and the quality of production are unmatched and the doors they supply us with are the best ones on the market. We made a promise to our clients on the first day – to provide them with the best value for their money.

What is more, our professional locksmiths use only the most advanced tools and equipment for sliding door repair and screen door repair. Only then can we be certain in the quality of our work. Res-Q Locksmiths built their reputation because they complete all their projects with due diligence and absolute attention to detail. We understand that this can, at times, prolong our work a bit, but at the same time, we know that it will prolong the lifespan of the door we repair or replace. We deliver long term solutions so that you know that you’ve made a smart investment that pays off in the long run.

Best Door Repair Services in Sydney

To be able to help any client who comes to us for help, we never stop learning. Res-Q Locksmiths are aware of the fact that this is an ever-changing industry and that with every new technological advancement that hits the market, a new type of locksmith challenge will arise.

Our services include both sliding door repair and screen door repair, covering anything that may be wrong with them. If we see that the door you struggle with is beyond repair, we’ll advise installing new ones that will provide you with a much higher level of security. Because that’s what matters the most – that you, your family, or the equipment and materials that you keep at your office are secured and no one can gain entry unauthorised.