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Strata Locksmith


What Our Strata Locksmiths Can Help You With

Res-Q Locksmiths provide all the safety requirements along with the relevant legislative documentation. We understand that Strata Companies require a wide range of services such as:

  • Round-the-clock emergency services
  • Electric Strikes
  • Keyless Entry
  • Letterbox locks
  • Key Storage
  • Commercial Door closers
  • Restricted Key systems for high-security strata
  • Fire Safety approved Doors and Locks
  • Property gate-locks
  • Swipe entry access control
  • Sliding door maintenance
  • Immediate services and repairs
  • Glassdoor and glass window locks

Is there anything else you may need? Even if it’s not in the list above, feel free to get in touch and ask any questions you may have. We’ve been operating for more than a decade and during that time, we had the chance to work on a number of challenging projects that helped us grow and develop our skills. As a result, there’s no strata locksmith issue we cannot help you with now.


Certified Strata Locksmiths

Res-Q Locksmiths specialise in a range of strata services, be it the installation of new locks,
repair or maintenance of old systems. Our team has the tools and skills needed to upgrade or
replace current key systems with state-of-the-art solutions. We understand the importance of a
well-planned security system, and we do whatever is in our power to exceed your

You can tell us about your wishes and needs or we can come and inspect the property to advise
you on the best strata locksmith solution. Res-Q Locksmiths provide both high and medium
security systems of all sizes so that we can respond to your unique requirements.

Make a Smart Investment

Quite often, strata real estate owners and managers postpone any projects on the properties they
own because they fear any larger touch-ups will put a strain on their budget. However, when it
comes to investing in our locksmith services, any expenses will only boost your profits in the
long run. How come? Look at it from this angle: you’re renting a strata property and a potential
tenant worries that it may not provide them with the level of safety they need. How can you
assure them that any expensive belongings they may have will be secure even when no one’s around
to keep an eye on them? By employing professional strata locksmiths to install state of the art
locks. This way you up the value of your property and can keep the rent higher than you would
initially. Furthermore, you will improve your image and grow in your tenant’s eyes because
you’ll show that you care for their security.


Select Only First Class Locks

We are absolutely certain that we can provide the security that you expect and deserve because we
install only the best locks and locksmith solutions you can find on the market today. We partner
with leading industry names and hand-select each product that we later offer to our clients. At
Res-Q Locksmith we pride ourselves on our swift service, but we never let the speed compromise
the quality of the result. Some strata locksmith projects can take a bit longer to complete and
we know you don’t have time to disturb yours and your tenants’ schedule to have it completed.
The locksmith solutions that we offer are designed to serve you long term.

Unrivalled Experience

With more than 10 years of experience, Res-Q Locksmiths can say that they worked on a diverse
range of projects, and no challenge is too big for them. Whatever issue you may be facing or
locksmith project you have in mind, count on us to complete it in record time but with the
highest quality of result in mind. But we are not at our client’s disposal just for large
projects – our strata locksmiths are happy to arrive at your location even if you need us to
change one lock. We don’t play favourites with our clients – we pay an equal amount of attention
to anyone who comes our way. Res-Q Locksmiths want to first hear about your requirements and
issues you might be struggling with. Owing to our knowledge and experience, we can propose the
best plan of action and connect you to our strata locksmiths who will come to complete the
project. No matter how big or small, we will place you as a priority.


At Your Service at All Times

In order to help you as quickly as possible, we have organised our strata locksmiths in such a
way that there’s always a professional on call, ready to get to your property and help. Res-Q
Locksmiths 24-hour service is known Sydney-wide. We are praised for our quick response time,
fast delivery, and quality of work. Feel free to contact us – no matter when!

We keep our prices competitive, no matter when you need us or what kind of job you want us to do.
Res-Q Locksmiths made their services available for everyone and are more than happy to tailor
them to your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us at any time!